the idea

 Well, I believe that before saying somerthing you have to be a hundred persent sure that you really have somerthing to say. But is it a concept that really works? Or is it just holding you back from creating and looking forward, at least when we talk about art, style and fashion? Don't you really find ur way when you keep on searching and making mistakes?
 A few month ago in "The/end. magazine" ("Hunter") I read an interwiev from an "ex-fashion" person who changed area of focus to fine arts. "These days, more than ever, fashion is the culture of desire. With art, I decided to follow a desire for culture." As for me, besides the social story which is a huge part of fashion industry there is a part that exist on a side from business, which still can be called a desire for art.
 As with my career I am much involved into fashion business, with this blog I ll try to focus on the style itself, somertimes not commercial at all. At least, why not have fun and share the most inspiring moments.
So from now on with this blog I forget about rationality and keep on posting, even if somertimes it's nothing more than just sharing the idea.

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