Gucci FW11-12 advertising

I really started to love gucci starting with FW11-12! The collection is awesome!


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miu miu fw11-12 advertising

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prada sunnies

While drinking coffe with my colleague Alina today we ve been talking that we dream about a seaside and some rest. Course we couldn't walk by those Prada awesome sunnies which remind me so much about lazy days somwhere on a white sand beach.
Regarding Alina, I am really happy that we work together, she is a very nice person and amazingly stylish young girl. I promise you I will convince her for a shooting one day and you ll love her style for sure!


mad men

Just finished the 4th season of Madmen
I m crazy about those series. Probably, tomorrow i ll start from the beginning)

If you doubt to check it, maybe what i just found in wikipedia will convince you:

our office in moscow

pictures by Yamandu
check out yamandu.org


laced under

Srecond day at Marni. We are getting crazy with all these prints.
I am wearing my new unknown lace shirts found at my mom's pijama part of the wardrobe. And a transparent skirt made by my friend Nina Shterenberg by my request.
I will show you some pictures soon.


cold summer wave

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jalouse magazine

@ Marni

Placing the order at Marni

kurt geiger
bottega veneta


so serious when i work


dolce vita santa margherita


By Marat

Europeans by Yamandu

I am happy to introduce my friend Yamandu Roos from Amsterdam, a great photographer, an amazing person, who is traveling around Europe with his red peugeot making Europeans project.
Here is the website where you can check his work - YAMANDU.ORG
I was happy to meet the guy during his recent trip to Moscow. Here are some pics of me made by him just after we met.

That's what Yamandu writes on his website:
"...I often through the meaning of photography try to observe, allowing only the inhuman eye to capture what the heart sees. Wherever I am people and their surroundings fall subject to this third eye. Different places and faces have the ability to transform day-to-day living in an environment into the fuel of my imagination..."

Dig-dig-dig more and you can find a lot of interesting stuff on his website.

BALENCIAGA FW11-12 advertisement images



balenciaga ss12 buying

Just two days ago i was at Balenciaga showroom placing the order. There were two hard days - we ve been working at the showroom from 9 am till late in the evening.
Thats the picture Marat took while short coffe break on the steps of the showroom.

sally mann

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acne paper #12

what a great picture! what a beautifull girl! do you know who is she?)



I ll tell you soon)