Chloe FW11-12 advertising campaign

OH, MY!!!
FW11-12 is coming to the store!! can wait for the fashion show pieces to come!
This is one of my favourite collections for this fall!!! Regarding the pre-collection it was also one of the strongest! I feel like i could buy nearly all of the outfits!
These images are giving the best feeling of the collection - very 70es, feminine, natural, smart, casual, effortless but at the same time very elegant!!!

Chloe I Love!


  1. Just came across your blog. Delicious photos . I am so bored of summer styles (colour blocking, nudes etc) cannot wait for some snake skin! And the trench with leather sleeves is to die for.

  2. Thank you)
    I love the jacket also.
    Regarding color blocking and nudes - unfortunately it's not gone for next seasons)
    Stella and Celine trends everywhere) Have you seen Gucci for ex - http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/2012RST-GUCCI
    the only thing is that now these trends are not that "intellectual underground", but massmarket


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